About us

Maison Dellos designers created a simple, but eye-catching interior with plenty of waterworld allusions. A warm golden wave of lamps comes from the entrance to the room’s visual dominant: the wall with the carps splashing in the shimmering light. In the room’s center there is a copper padded counter looking like a submarine emerging from the deep sea. Here, the ice boxes are filled with shrimps, oysters and fish, and the cooks are serving quick meals.

The new brand-chef of the restaurant is Vlad Piskunov (Сhef Matreshka restaurant, the author of food books and an expert in Russian cuisine), Evgeniy Khahalev is a new Chef of Volna. The products quality and the attention to detail while preparation coupled with the experience and ingenuity make a strict gastronomic equation.

The fish come to the restaurant’s kitchen from all parts of the country. Omul, taimen, wild Arctic sturgeon, nelma, sockeye, muksun, bulltrout, chinook come from the northern rivers. Narva lamprey and smoked eels arrive from the Baltics. Black Sea provides mullet, scad, mussels, anchovies, turbot, conch shells; the Russian North – wild Murmansk salmon and halibut and the Far East – shrimps and crabs.