Tverskoy boulevard, 26
Daily from 12:00 to 24:00


Green salad with mini-octopus

Turkey with ginger sauce

Business lunch

Olivier salad with light-salted trout

Roasted halibut in alder parchment

Scallops ceviche

Karelian trout ceviche

Red shrimps ceviche

Halibut and salmon cutlet with crab puree

Pikeperch with broccoli

Linguini with oysters

Mediterranean soup

Tagliatelle with seafood

Salmon tartarе


Foie-Gras with ginger sauce

Grilled shrimps

Thai-style tuna and vegetables

Duck with Japanese noodles

Big seafood platter

Arctic salmon salad

Tuna tartare

Fish soup with halibut

Crabmeat salad

Crimean chebureks

Octopus with mushed celery

Catfish pelmeni

Risotto with seafood

Bread platter

Russian Set

Exotic Set

Fish soup with halibut

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